Bug Fixes
Minarca release 3.0.1

Since our first Minarca public release, our goal has been to release bug fixes every month. This new release is all about the user’s home directory management. We have improved the general stability of the solution by managing the fringe cases that can happen with our automated home directory management.

  • Upgrade to rdiffweb 1.0.3
  • Update the authorized_keys when user's home directory is updated.
  • Force user's home directory owner and group. Allow Minarca’s web interface to run as root.
  • Minarca-shell: Fix repository name validation.
  • Minarca-shell: Add SUDO_OWNERSHIP to set the owner and group. Allow better quota management.
  • Pipeline: Add integration testing with server and client linking.

Minarca a proven open-source technology backup solution that simplifies your work, allows you to provide exceptional service to your users and promotes a relationship built on confidence.

Improved Administration Area
Minarca release 3.3.0