Minarca - Release 4.1.0
A new version of Minarca is available.

Minarca data backup solution is improving, bringing about the newest version 4.1.0. This version will bring a bonified customer experience with several improvements as the graphic interface, guidance, stability, and easier upgrades. The backup solution was improved and corrected for better usage under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Minarca is a complete hassle-free backup solution that provides centralized backup management. These improvements and corrections will bring even more backup capacity with simple usage businesses and its conviviality makes it ideal for small and medium businesses.

List of fixes and improvements

  • Server: Upgrade to Rdiffweb
    • Fix Chart.js loading on Debian bullseye rdiffweb#164
    • Improve LDAP authentication to lookup entire directory
    • Fixed the use of --ldap-add-user-default-userroot to avoid an error due to bad encoding
    • Improve authentication mechanics
    • Avoid raising an HTTP error 500 when login form receive invalid payload
    • Mitigate open redirect vulnerability in login form
    • Improve date parsing for backup.log to avoid printing exception in logs #170
    • Return HTTP error 403 for invalid symlink to avoid returning a misleading HTTP 500 Server Error #168
    • Show a user friendly error message when trying to create a new user with an existing username #169
    • Handle repository without last-backup date during the notification process to ensure notifications are sent #171
    • Replace CherryPy storage_type by storage_class to avoid warning in logs
    • Update code to avoid deprecation warning where applicable
    • Add Flake8 validation to improve code quality
  • Fix Windows application startup cause by stdout redirection #161
  • Upgrade OpenSSH to v8 to mitigate SSH error message #69 #65
  • Added a help button to redirect the user to a custom help form #145
  • Avoid printing password: twice during linking process with cli #162
  • Update user interface to enhance user experience #163
  • Check if a newer version is available on the startup #43
  • Adding Debian APT repository when installing from .deb package to automate upgrade #159
  • Avoid launching Minarca client from installers for Windows to mitigate permission issues while deleting Schedule Tasks #167
  • Improve rdiff-backup error handling to provide more guidance when SSH connection fail #158
  • Clear previous backup status when linking Minarca to a new server to better reflect the real status #168
  • Fix translation loading on MacOS and Windows #171
  • Upgrade pyinstaller to 4.7 to improve operating system integration #174
  • Remove Ubuntu Groovy support
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