Official Support For Debian Buster
Minarca release 3.5.0

This release focuses mostly on providing Debian Buster compatible packages. We endeavoured to provide an easy-to-use package for Debian and ensured rigorous automated testing to avoid regression and speedup further releases.

  • Server: Upgrade the rdiffweb 1.3.1
  • Restore file and folder in a subprocess to increase download start speed.
  • Fix encoding of archives on Python3.6 (CentOS 7) by using PAX format.
  • Add support to restore files and folders using rdiff-backup2.
  • Remove obsolete dependencies pysqlite2.
  • Fix issue creating duplicate entries of repository in database.
  • Enforce password encryption by using {SSHA} scheme.
  • Server: Remove python-pysqlite2 from Debian package dependencies.
  • Server: Fix so ensurethe minarca-server service unit is enabled and started after installation.
  • Server: Force owner and group recursively on Minarca's folder during installation.
  • Client: Add username and hostname in the status info to ease debugging.
  • Documentation: Add information about how to run minarca-client when users are not logged in.
  • Documentation: Provide default user and password for login after installation
  • Minarca a proven open-source technology backup solution that simplifies your work, allows you to provide exceptional service to your users and promotes a relationship built on confidence.
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