The First Public Version
Minarca release 3.0.0

After years of behind-closed-doors development on Minarca, we are trilled to publish our very first official public version which is available to the public at large.

Minarca has been offered as a Backup Service for a few years already. However, our strategy has changed and we wish to give back to the community, so we have made Minarca available as a self-hosted backup solution for all.

Although this first public release has a few rough edges, stay tuned! Minarca continues to evolve rapidly.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of changes in this release.

  • Support cherrypy v16.
  • Provide Debian packages.
  • Manage SSH Keys for Minarca users.
  • Provide Minarca-shell as an SSH entry point.
  • Improve SSH server security.
  • Add /api/ to be used by Minarca-client.
  • Update Minarca icon.
  • Client: Fix pid verification to avoid multiple instances to be running.
  • Client: Provide Debian packages.
  • Client: Replace Form request by API calls.
  • Client: Make it work with Minarca-shell.
  • Client: Use patches version of rdiff-backup 1.2.8.
  • Client: Replace proprietary licence by GPLv3.
  • Client: Replace Minarca icon.
  • Client: Improve configuration UI.
  • Client: Improve linking UI.
  • Client: Update default ignored patterns.
  • Client: Update French translation.
  • Client: Add command line interface.
  • Client: Verify if process is running using pid file on all platform.

Minarca a proven open-source technology backup solution that simplifies your work, allows you to provide exceptional service to your users and promotes a relationship built on confidence.

Bug Fixes
Minarca release 3.0.1