Why choose Rdiff-backup for Minarca, our centralized data backup software?
Rdiff-backup is at the heart of our data backup solution.

IKUS specializes in creating and developing software to simplify and optimize data recovery and backup management processes. As such, we developed the Minarca, a comprehensive, reliable and robust advanced solution developed under an open-source license to contribute to the good of this community in which we are actively involved. Minarca integrates the features of the Rdiff-backup software based on a reverse differential backup process. This offers a definite advantage over other data backup software. However, this is not the only benefit! Let us give you a quick rundown on how Rdiff-backup has all the assets to meet all your needs.

Rdiff-backup can be used on multiple platforms

One of the first benefits of the Rdiff-backup software is that it can be used reliably across multiple operating systems. In addition to Windows, Rdiff-backup is suitable for Linux, Unix and Mac environments. With Rdiff-backup, our Minarca software offers the perfect solution to automatically backing up your data while having access to it at all times. Minarca provides a centralized view of your data directly accessible online, whether you're a Linux, Unix, Windows or Mac computer user. But most importantly, it is an outstanding choice if you manage a computer park for customers who use multiple types of platforms. By adapting to different environments, Rdiff-backup will allow you to use one solution for your entire IT fleet.

Rdiff-backup works on several platforms.

Rdiff-backup is based on reverse differential backup

Unlike most data backup software that use an incremental backup process, Rdiff-backup is based on reverse differential backup. Rather than running the most recent backup from previous backups to the original backup, Rdiff-backup gives you access to the most recent backup based on previous backups. Should we need to go back in time to look for an older backup, will it be necessary to access the older versions. This represents a significant saving in time, and as we all know, we want to access the most recent backup in most instances. In addition, this process offers the advantage of ensuring optimal backup security. In the event of a file failure or corruption, it will be impossible to recover the latest version of the document. You will be alerted immediately of the problem to be resolved, which would not be detectable through the incremental backup process.

Rdiff-backup uses command lines

A further advantage of Rdiff-backup compared to other solutions is the use of command lines. Many data backup software offer a simplified graphical interface that makes it easy to install for users, perfect for someone who knows little about IT. For people who manage a computer park, this would be a disadvantage, such as in the case of a software implementation on a server infrastructure. With Minarca, the use of the graphical interface is optional. So it's up to you to set up and manage data backups through the graphical interface or not. System managers will benefit from using command lines to quickly set up the backup process and even automate it using planned tasks. A simple command line is enough to ensure the backup installation, so it will not be necessary to create configuration files.

Rdiff-backup is stable and robust

Another positive of the Rdiff-backup data backup software is its stability and robustness. This proven solution has demonstrated its reliability over the years. Several users have reported using it to provide data backups for more than 15 years. From the moment they started using it until this very day, they have always had access to the most recent version of their backups without fail. Also, they have always been able to retrieve previous data without any problems. This is one of the main reasons why we chose Rdiff-backup from the get-go.

Data backed up by Rdiff-backup is visible and recoverable

Another advantage of Rdiff-backup is its ability to save data so that the information is not obstructed. It remains visible and therefore easily accessible. In other words, it is possible to browse the directory structure to see the most recent files. Should Rdiff-backup no longer be reliable or maintained, you would still be able to retrieve your backup data without going through Rdiff-backup, which is a plus compared to other backup solutions where the data is archived with an indecipherable proprietary format which absolutely requires the use of the software to retrieve the information.

Rdiff-backup is an open-source software

Finally, the Rdiff-backup data backup software was developed by the open-source community that we have always collaborated with. This allows solutions such as these to constantly evolve towards optimal solutions that meet high-quality standards and offer high-performance tools on the market that do not depend on large IT subsidiaries. By using open-source solutions, you are encouraging a community of computer scientists committed to creating and developing software that will remain for future generations.

As you can see, all these advantages led us to choose Rdiff-backup by integrating it into the creation and implementation of Minarca, our centralized management software. Thanks to its many strengths, of which we believe the reverse differential backup process is one of the most important, Minarca aims to be a competitive solution for system administrators and companies with multiple servers and IT park managers. This comprehensive, easy-to-use and secure solution will save you time and ensure customer satisfaction in the present and long term.

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