Minarca features

Find out how our data backup solution can meet your needs, whether you're a professional system administrator, a technical hobbyist or a computer enthusiast.

Technical features

File-based backup

Minarca offers a file-based backup solution, enabling flexible and precise management of your data. This feature ensures that every important file is protected, and can be restored individually if necessary.

rdiff-backup technology

Under the hood, Minarca uses rdiff-backup, a stable and reliable tool renowned for its incremental backup capabilities. This technology guarantees efficient backups and easy recovery, even after long periods.

Reverse Incremental Differential Backup

Using a reverse incremental differential backup technique, Minarca ensures resilience against data corruption. This means that each incremental backup contains the information needed to restore the most recent version of your files.

Multi-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Minarca is a unique solution capable of backing up systems running Linux, Mac and Windows. Whether your environment is homogeneous or heterogeneous, Minarca adapts to protect all your data.

Enhanced Upward Compatibility

Minarca maintains the server's backward compatibility with older agents, allowing you to update the server without having to immediately synchronize agent updates. This simplifies version management and ensures a smooth transition during upgrades.

User-friendly features

Backup to multiple destinations

With Minarca, you can back up your data to multiple destinations, whether remote servers or external disks. This feature offers maximum flexibility to guarantee the security of your data, whatever your infrastructure constraints.

Centralized management

Thanks to its intuitive web interface, Minarca offers centralized management of your backups. The dashboard, log files and statistics give you complete visibility of the status of your backups, enabling you to manage your resources efficiently.


Minarca supports a multi-tenant environment, allowing the creation of multiple users, each with their own repositories and disk quotas. This feature is ideal for shared environments or companies providing services to multiple customers.

Restoration options

Minarca offers a variety of restore options to suit your needs. Use the local agent to restore large amounts of data quickly, or the web interface to restore smaller datasets conveniently.

Mirror version of your directories

Minarca creates a mirror version of your directories, making it easy to recover data with or without the application. You can access your backed-up data directly from the file system, simplifying restoration processes.


Minarca is based on rdiff-backup, a tool that combines the advantages of rsync and difference files. Each incremental backup is stored so that the most recent files are easily accessible, while preserving the history of changes for accurate recovery.

Mirror version

Creating mirror versions means that your backed-up directories are directly accessible as normal directories on your file system. This not only facilitates data recovery, but also enables rapid verification and auditing of backups.

Reverse Incremental Differential Backup

This method reduces the risk of data corruption by ensuring that each incremental backup contains all the information needed to reconstitute the most recent version of the files, independently of previous backups.


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An agent that installs on Windows, Mac and Linux

The Minarca agent is installed on the workstation where the data to be backed up resides. Whether it is a Windows, Mac or Linux machine, the Minarca agent is easy to install. It allows to configure the backup and to establish a secure link with the central server.

We hope this overview of Minarca's features will help you understand the capabilities and benefits of our data backup solution. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at our documentation or contact us directly.