a self-hosted open source software for archiving all your customer data.

open-source, self-hosted data backup software


Would you like to offer your users a data backup solution to enhance their experience? Developed by IKUS Software, Minarca software is the ideal solution for professionals who manage multiple users and need to compartmentalize backup spaces. In addition to offering a robust and secure data backup service to your clients, you can fully customize the software’s interface for consistency with your company’s brand image.

Minarca is a free, open-source software package that allows you to self-host all your data, enabling centralized management of data backups for all the devices you administer. You have direct online access to your users' archives, and can easily control available space and access. You'll appreciate its many features. We'll help you get to grips with this high-performance software, which is sure to satisfy your users.

Choose a self-managed backup solution!

  • Simple installation
  • Centralized management with isolated access per user
  • Automated backup
  • Autonomous data recovery by your clients
  • Customizable appearance
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Available technical support, training, and consulting services
  • Available in English and French, worldwide

Why Choose Minarca

Easy Installation
Minarca can be installed on a computer (client) and/or on a server with a simple runtime program for immediate operation.

A secure solution
Particular attention is paid in the development of Minarca to implement countermeasures that limit malicious commands.

Storage Efficiency
Minarca uses the features of Rdiff-backup software based on a reverse differential backup process.

Adaptability to Multiple Environments
Minarca is very flexible and offers great deployment possibilities. It adapts to Windows, macOS, Linux, Debian, and Ubuntu environments.

Autonomy for Your Users
In the event of data loss, your clients can autonomously restore their data in just a few clicks from the Minarca online platform.

Support, Training, And Consulting Services
We offer technical support, training, and consulting services to help you use Minarca to its full potential.

Access the Documentation

Learn more about Minarca by browsing the complete documentation available online. You’ll find information on the architecture, installation, configuration, runtime settings and more.

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Use Our Data Backup Software

By choosing Minarca, software, you ensure that you are providing a reliable data backup solution to your clients, and you support the open-source community in which we are fully engaged.

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The minarca agent simplifies the implementation of the backup solution

Easy initial setup

By installing the Minarca agent on the workstation the configuration with the central server is done without complexity.

Automated backup

The Minarca agent installed on the Windows, MacOS or Linux workstation automatically starts the backup in background.

Selection of files to keep

Easily choose which directories and files to include or exclude from your backup.

Choice of backup frequency

Easily set the backup frequency and Minarca will take care of the rest by launching the backup at the right time.

The web interface allows a centralized management of your backups

File Browser

Use a user-friendly interface to browse and identify files to restore from the comfort of your web browser.

Restoration as an archive

Restore an entire folder quickly and easily by downloading it as a ZIP or TAR.GZ archive.

Get notified by email

Receive an email notification when something needs your attention, either for your own or your user's backup.

View backup statistics

Get an overview of your backups and understand the evolution of your backups at a glance.


Our team knows Minarca inside and out and is constantly working to improve it. We will accompany you wherever you are in the world to help you quickly take charge of the software, while giving you the necessary recommendations to improve your service offering. We offer service in French and English.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT                          TRAINING                            CONSULTING SERVICES

Want to add a specific development to the Minarca data backup software? We will be happy to add new features that will contribute to the open-source community.

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We Answer Your Questions

Who should use Minarca data backup software?

Minarca is the ideal data backup software for companies that work in the IT field, that have technical expertise with Debian Linux, and that want to offer their clients a robust and secure storage service. You can thus improve your service offering by relying on a reliable, high-performance, and customizable solution for your clients’ greatest satisfaction.

You need a central server that is running the Debian Linux operating system and enough storage space attached directly to the server or via NFS. You need to make sure that the physical infrastructure is in place and that it is hosted by you or by an external provider. It is important to provide storage space that can grow over time.

Minarca is installed on the computers and/or servers to be backed up using a simple runtime program. While the client provides a user interface to configure backup settings, the server orchestrates data backups from a web interface. The installation can be done directly on site on your clients’ computers or remotely. The client and server then communicate with each other to establish the backup links. The stored data is directly accessible online. All you have to do is keep an eye on your clients. Are you ready to use it? Download Minarca for free and install it on your servers. You will then be able to keep your clients’ computer data completely safe.

The backed-up data is stored on the central server where you have installed Minarca server. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you acquire a server on which you have enough space for your current and future needs. Renting a server from OVH is a very good solution in this sense.

There is no cost to use Minarca because all the source code is released under an open-source licence, a community in which we collaborate to ensure that everyone’s work is recognized. Only technical support, training and consulting services are charged, as well as the addition of new features if you wish to further customize the software.

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