Continued stabilization of the backup software
Minarca release 3.4.3

This release continues to stabilize its predecessors with bug fixes and minor improvements for the end user!

  • Server: Upgrade the rdiffweb 1.2.2
  • Enhance the repository to invite users to refresh the repository when the view is empty.
  • Deprecate support for cherrypy 4, 5, 6 and 7.
  • Improve loading of repository data (cache status and entries).
  • Restore compatibility with SQLite 3.7 (CentOS7).
  • Client: Linux - Raise an error when the patterns do not match any files instead of silently succeeding without backing anything up.
  • Client: Linux - Move logs to /var/log when running as root.
  • Client: Linux - Silently ignore error when failing to inhibit on Linux when d-bus is not available.
  • Client: Linux - From command line adds a "continue logging..." to help the user know where to look for logs.
  • Client: Linux - When running from cron do not print "continue logging..." to avoid sending email to root user.
  • Client: Windows - Install Java 8 Update 241 when Java is not available.
  • Client: Windows - Enable TLS1.2 during installation to allow download and installation of Java.
  • Client: When linking for the first time, make sure to create a scheduled task even when the repository already exists.

Minarca a proven open-source technology backup solution that simplifies your work, allows you to provide exceptional service to your users and promotes a relationship built on confidence.

Official Support For Debian Buster
Minarca release 3.5.0