New Features For Backup Service Provider
Minarca Release 3.6.0

This new release of Minarca includes a simple but very useful feature to help backup service providers take control of their client’s data by allowing them to better control the authorisation for each user. Each user will now have a defined role:

  • Administrator: Highest level of access, authorizes the user to browse and restore everyone’s data.
  • Maintainer: Authorizes the user to browse and restore only their own content. It is also possible for them to delete repositories and do other non-recoverable operations. This role is to be given to a power user.
  • User: Authorizes user to browse and restore their own content. This role is not allowed to do any non-recoverable operations. This role is to be given to a non-power user.

In addition to adding roles, another feature that the backup service provider may like is the addition of a redirect to the online help page. In order to build user confidence, it is now possible to define a personalized help page when the user clicks on the help button in the Minarca client. This offers the possibility of providing a consistent interface with your company image.

We are very grateful to Martronic SA for sponsoring the development of these two features.

We have also started to publish Minarca Server and Minarca Client in an APT repository for Debian Stretch and Debian Buster. This functionality will be officially available and documented in the next version.

Other cosmetic modifications are also included in this new version. These modifications continue to be in line with our goal to always provide a simple interface for the management of your backups.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • Server: Upgrade to rdiffweb 1.4.0.
  • Fix lookup of executable rdiff-backup and rdiffweb-restore to search in current virtualenv first.
  • Fix repository view when multiple repo paths are conflicting.
  • Fix logging of rdiffweb-restore subprocess.
  • Fix single repository discovery when a user's home is a rdiff-backup repository.
  • [SPONSORED] Add a new setting at the user level to define the user's role. Admin, Maintainer and User. Admins are authorized to do everything. Maintainers are authorized to browse and delete repo. Users are only authorized to browse #94.
  • Add "Powered by" in the web interface footer #91.
  • Display a nice error message when trying to delete admin user #93.
  • Introduce usage of wtforms and flash in admin users for better form validation #96 #97.
  • Server: Fix default permission during installation on Debian for /etc/minarca, /var/log/minarca, /backups/ to define the proper owner and restrict permission.
  • Client: Clarify the application purpose for the user by renaming the link to "Minarca Backup".
  • Start publishing DEB into APT repositories.
  • [SPONSORED] Server: Allow redirection of http://localhost:8080/help to a custom help page for your business.
  • [SPONSORED] Client: Redirect the help button (?) to your business custom help page.
  • Client: Minor changes to the layout to improve users' usability.
  • Update French translation.
Officially support installation using APT
Minarca release 3.7.0